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From haul roads to major motorways, Tensar’s geogrid technology is a proven solution to ground stabilisation problems, increasing pavement life, repair and rehabilitation. All of this helps you to control construction costs and build in better performance life to your roads. Our expertise and 30 years’ experience extends to the design and supply of reinforced soil bridge abutments, retaining walls and embankments, as well.

Creating a stable foundation to roads

Weak or variable ground often presents a considerable challenge in road construction. Creating a mechanically stabilised layer using Tensar geogrids, however, may provide significant cost, time and environmental benefits.

  • Capping and sub-base layers can be reduced up to 50% with no performance loss, reducing fill material and excavation costs, time on site and construction CO2 emissions
  • Differential settlement on variable ground can be controlled using layers of geogrids to create a flexurally stiff platform
  • Geogrids can be used to improve site access and increase the bearing capacity of working platforms for tracked plant, promoting safety with economical designs

Alleviating the maintenance burden

With a mechanically stabilised layer a road’s service life can be extended by a factor of three or more, reducing long-term maintenance costs. In fact, it’s been estimated that a reduction in road and rehabilitation cost can produce over 50% savings on annual maintenance budgets for flexible pavements, reducing the need for additional highway construction. Tensar’s asphalt reinforcement systems are designed to tackle pavement problems, such as reflective and fatigue cracking.

Tensar has the answer for retaining walls and steep road embankments, too

Many highway projects involve creating walls, road embankments, bridge abutments and other features. Tensar also has extensive experience in these areas, with specific systems for the construction of walls and embankments as well as erosion protection.

Reduce highway construction time and cost, increase whole life benefits

Tensar’s geogrid technology is a proven solution to ground stabilisation problems, increasing pavement life, repair and rehabilitation with highway improvements, helping you to control construction costs and build-in better performance life to your roads.

Embankment Foundations

When embankments have to be built over poor ground Tensar Basetex can provide the necessary stability or alternatively a TensarTech Stratum Celluar Foundation Mattress System can be used to achieve stability and control differential settlement. Where settlement restrictions dictate or there is insufficient time available for it to take place then our Load Transfer Platforms over piles or Rammed Aggregate piers are a simple alternative to costly concrete rafts and ground beams.

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