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The mining industry is reliant on solutions which meet practicality and safety requirements, while also reducing expenditure. This is precisely what Tensar Technology offers: lightweight, easy-to-handle products which are not quick to install, but outperform conventional alternatives. Tensar has the answer for both surface and sub-surface operations.

Underground mining applications

Tensar’s range of Mining Systems covers a wide variety of underground mine and tunnel applications, including:

  • Roof and Rib Control – corrosion-proof polymer Tensar Roof Mats combined with a Tensar Mining Grid can be safer and easier to handle and install when compared with metal alternatives
  • Longwall Screens – unlike chain link, it is possible to assemble sections of Minex Rock Mesh screen above ground and easily transport them underground for installation
  • Highwall Screens –  strong, lightweight Tensar Mining Grids may be used to secure steep faces, controlling falling debris at mine entrances
  • Road & Rail Reinforcement – Tensar TriAx geogrids can be employed to prevent rutting or to maintain track geometry, depending on the transport system used

Surface mining applications

Surface mining operations also have many areas that can benefit from Tensar systems:

  • Haul roads – Tensar TriAx geogrids improve the performance of unpaved haul roads and also extend the service life, also reducing vehicle maintenance and spillage
  • Working platforms – over weak subgrades, Tensar’s geogrids can be an economical way to increase bearing capacity
  • Dump and head walls – needing to carry heavy loads and repeated traffic, the use of locally won materials, such as colliery spoil, is also enabled by TensarTech Earth Retaining Systems
  • Heap leaching – extracting valuable metals in this way places very high loads on collector pipes. The introducion of Tensar TriAx geogrids can confine particles between the pipes and, in doing so, increase bearing capacity of the ore, in order to better support the heavy equipment
  • Waste de-watering – Tensar’s geotextile tubes can separate and contain even fine-grain materials, and can offer substantial advantages over conventional tube systems
  • Capping of tailings lagoons – geogrids enable the safe placement and compaction of fill which can accelerate both consolidation and re-use
  • Erosion protection – Tensar’s systems can be an incredibly effective solution for the retention of topsoil in reclamation works

Reducing time, construction costs and CO2 emissions

Being easy to handle, lightweight and quick to install, Tensar products can provide substantial benefits in time and cost. Furthermore, with fewer vehicle movements required, together with a greater use of site-won material, construction CO2 emissions can be reduced by as much as half (compared to an unreinforced design).

Improve practicality, productivity and operating costs with Tensar Technology

Tensar Technology offers lightweight, easy-to-handle products that are quick to install and outperform conventional alternatives.

Tensar has the mining know-how

Tensar has a wealth of experience in mining operations worldwide. The Tensar Mining Brochure can be downloaded here and a full range of case studies is available. Simply use the links at the top of the page to find out more. We can also provide everything from simple advice to full design and installation support, whatever the application and environment.

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