Freight Force

East Anglia, Storbritannia

The Force is strong with Tensar InterAxThere was a need for a new steel framed warehouse which required piled foundations at a facility just out-side Great Yarmouth in the UK. A Tensar mechanically stabilised layer incorporating Tensar InterAx geogrid provided an efficient and safe working platform for the piling rig used.


  • Safe access to poor ground by installing Tensar InterAx geogrid
  • Junttan piling rig supported by a working platform exerting pressures of up to 200kPa
  • 14% saving of overall project cost
  • 20% time saving thanks to the reduction
Client's Challenge

Existing ground conditions were variable with areas of very low strength soils encountered. A working platform for the tracked piling rig required to install the piles was potentially expensive so the client needed a safe but economic working platform design.

Tensar Solution

Tensar’s “T-Value” approach for working platforms allowed the original platform thickness to be reduced by around 40% when compared with a BR470 assessment whilst still maintaining required levels of support for the piling rig.  The flexibility of the T-Value approach meant that locally sourced recycled well graded granular fill could be used in the platform construction, reducing project costs still further. Tensar InterAx geogrid was included in the platform construction and piling operations were successfully completed in March 2022.