Tensar InterAx™ (NX) Geogrids

10,000+ Hours of R&D
12 Product Teams
  • Tensar InterAx® geogrids are the best performing stabilisation geogrids Tensar have developed
  • The market leading solution to enhance the performance of roads, railways and other trafficked areas
  • Tensar InterAx®  has optimised geogrid geometry to enhance the stabilising effect on the aggregate to provide the best Tensar mechanically stabilised layer
  • Tensar InterAx®  adopts advanced material science to improve interaction between the geogrid and aggregate improving performance and available Tensar Value

Tensar® InterAx® geogrid is the latest and most advanced form of geosynthetic stabilisation on the market. Providing better value and cost savings than all previous Tensar geogrids, its optimised geometry results in improved confinement of granular fill and creates a more efficient stabilised layer. It can be used with a wider range and quality of aggregate types and gradations to facilitate increased flexibility. 

Our sophisticated Tensar InterAx® geogrids are the output of over 10,000 of material science R&D, offering improved compaction and movement restriction to deliver long-lasting performance. This is achieved by a complex structure that incorporates hexagonal, trapezoidal and triangular geometries across continuous and non-continuous ribs. 


Tensar® InterAx® geogrid is currently available in two SKUs: NX750 and NX850.

What is Tensar® InterAx®?

Tensar® InterAx® is the most advanced and best performing geogrid Tensar have developed, with applications in rail trackbed, road foundations, pavement layers and other trafficked areas. Its optimised geometry improves confinement of granular particles and creates a highly efficient stabilised layer. A market-leading solution, Tensar InterAx® provides the best performance and best value of any other Tensar geogrid.

Why choose Tensar InterAx® over other geogrids?

Tensar InterAx geogrid has been developed to provide the best performance when included as a component within a Tensar Mechanically Stabilised Layer (MSL). The performance of Tensar InterAx geogrid has been confirmed from research and development offering even more effective ways of showing benefits. Such benefits can include: 

  • Improved traffic capacity of unpaved roads
  • Reducing road thickness whilst maintaining trafficking
  • Performance Reduced construction costs 
  • Reducing carbon footprint

Where has Tensar InterAx® been used?

Tensar InterAx® was made available to the UK market in April 2022, but has already been installed on countless projects around the world. Customers in the US and elsewhere have been satisfied with its ability to produce cost savings – it reduces construction times and transportation requirements, as well as allowing for the use of thinner aggregate layers and more fill options.

Compatible with Tensar+ & Enhanced Design Methods

Tensar's InterAx geogrid has been included in Tensar+ to allow designers to take advantage of it's improved performance. Our easy-to-use, award-winning Tensar+ design software, saves you time and effort, while ensuring your designs are reliable and deliver the expected results.

Making an assessment of the value of including a Tensar mechanically stabilised layer (MSL) in an unpaved road or working platform has never been easier. Tensar+ online software allows performance based assessments to be made with quantifiable savings in cash, time and carbon savings and advanced specification capabilities to both define and protect your developed proposals

Optimised geometry for enhanced stabilisation

The design of Tensar InterAx® features sophisticated geometries, incorporating hexagonal, trapezoidal and triangular shapes across continuous and non-continuous ribs. All of this ensures that these advanced geogrids provide enhanced confinement of aggregate particles and improved interlock between aggregate and geogrid – the result is improved performance under trafficking and other imposed loading conditions.

The ideal solution for a range of applications

From stabilising working platforms to trafficked areas and railway trackbed improvement, Tensar InterAx® is ideal for use on a wide range of projects. Its sophisticated design reduces project costs and maintenance requirements whilst increasing the lifespan of pavements, railway trackbeds and other installations.

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